What should you talk about with your partner before having a baby?

Will you teach religion to your children?

If your partner has the same faith as you, the answer to this question is obvious. However, some parents have different religions and this can be a problem when instilling it in their children. Ideally, make this decision before having babies to avoid arguments in the future.

Perhaps you prefer to participate in religious services and allow your children to choose freely. Maybe you want to teach your children religion and your partner prefers that they be the ones who decide. Make sure that you are both happy with the plan and that you will be open to changes in this plan if necessary, what matters is providing stability and educating children in respect and tolerance towards oneself and towards others, regardless of the professed religions.Having a baby should not be taken lightly, it is a very great responsibility that will last a lifetime. A baby will change your life 180º, and even if you already have a baby or a child, having another will also be an important decision because it will be an important change for all members of the family. This is why having a baby is something that you should speak well with your partner before deciding to take this important step.

If you think you are ready to have a baby, take some time to reflect. There are many parenting decisions that must be made along the parenting journey. Next we are going to comment on some things you should talk about with your partner before having a baby, so you can make a much more successful decision.

Is now the right time?

While it is true that you will never find the right time, it is important to at least think if it is not such a bad idea. 

In addition to taking into account the biological clock or financial issues to consider, couples should ensure that they have the same desire about starting a family. Perhaps one part of the couple wants to have a baby now but the other member prefers to wait a while. You may like to write a list of things you would like to do or accomplish before having a baby, such as a special vacation, improving your financial situation, etc.

How the baby’s chores will be shared

Being a father and being a mother means sharing tasks equally with the baby and not feeling like it is a competition. You need to know who is going to do what. There are families where moms change diapers and dads prepare baths and bathe the baby, or vice versa. Although when the baby is there, it will make you adapt to the situation, it is a good idea to talk about this before it is born. Knowing how you will divide the tasks can prevent burnout and disappointment with your partner. 

Perhaps if you write down a list of daily tasks as an example, it can help you organize yourself better. For example, note when one or the other gets up when the baby cries at night. It is important to know in parenting