A Guide To Buy The Best Baby Blankets

     A Guide To Buy The Best Baby Blankets

Every baby product that is on a parent’s list has an important function to perform and thus, it should be the best it can be! But when it comes to the baby blankets baby journey review, its importance is beyond par since its function is to regulate the body temperature of a baby, an ability that they are not born with! Besides regulating the body temperature, a baby blanket is a practical utility product that is used every day for wrapping the babies in comfort and security and swaddling them traditionally so they do not cry very often and feel warm and secure. 

You would be surprised by the number of blanket styles and types that are available in the market and this fact certainly makes the task of choosing the Best Baby Blanket more complicated than it sounds. This article is a comprehensive guide on buying the right kind of blanket for your baby and can educate you about the different types of blankets available around and the different materials used in them. 

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Types of Baby Blankets

Following are different types of baby blankets that are designed differently to meet the changing needs of a baby as he grows:

  • Receiving Blankets: Receiving blankets are very light in weight and are usually used to cover the new born babies or infants. These are generally a square piece of 30 inches and used to clean drools and other baby messes. Since such blankets generally get dirty soon, the parents of a new born have them in more numbers.


  • Swaddling Blankets: The main purpose of a swaddling blanket is to wrap a newborn tightly or to calm a crying baby and put them to sleep. These are a little bigger in size than the receiving blankets so they can be easily wrapped around the baby and have fasteners that are designed to keep the blanket in place. Some of the swaddling blankets are strategically designed so they can be unwrapped from bottom to change the diaper of the babies while the upper part of the baby remains swaddled keeping the baby asleep.
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  • Security Blankets: Security blankets are the blankets with which the babies grow attached or with which the babies find comfort and security. Such blankets are neither for swaddling the babies nor used as a receiving blanket; these are just emotionally close to a baby. Such blankets should ideally be made of plush or fleece, have a stuffed animal or cartoon attached to them and must definitely be durable to grow with the baby.


  • Sleep Sacks: A sleep sack is nothing but a safe alternative to our very own traditional blanket. These are designed to keep the baby safe in sleep since the blanket is not placed on the baby. While these blankets allow the baby to move, they also protect them from falling off. They are an ideal choice when the weather is too cold to allow the baby to sleep without a blanket. A sleep sack makes one of the most comfortable and secure places for a baby to sleep without having any fear of them falling off and giving them the much required warmth.


  • Baby Quilts: The baby quilts are very warm and can be used for a number of purposes like they can be used as bedding, spread on the floor or even hung on the walls to enhance the interiors of a nursery. A standard crib quilt ideally measures 45 inches by 60 inches.